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Cherish U Natural Bath and Body

Goat Milk & Honey Oat Mask

Goat Milk & Honey Oat Mask

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Enriched with goat milk for intensely hydrating, sweet honey for its skin-protecting power, and colloidal oatmeal for soothing affected skin, this sensational Goat Milk & Honey Oat Mask gives you the nourishment your complexion deserves!

Product Info

1.5 oz.

Disclaimer: While we use ingredients that offer many benefits, our products are intended for cleansing only and are not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease. 

How to Use

Cleanse face with warm water or with gentle cleanser. Pat dry. Put a tablespoon of clay in a bowl. Add water or desired liquid to make a creamy paste. Apply paste with your fingertips or brush over your face, avoiding the eye area. Allow the paste to dry for 10-20 min. Rinse the clay with warm water and pat dry. Follow up with toner and a moisturizer.


Goatmilk powder [Goatmilk], Kaolin Clay, [kaolin}. Colloidal oatmeal [Aveena Sativa] Honey powder, [Maltodextrin]

Cherish U Difference

- All Natural

- Paraben free


- Essential Oils or Natural Fragrance oils only

- No phthalates

- No harsh chemicals

- No animal fats

- Cruelty free

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"Cherishing our customers is very important to us. We put love into everything we make"- Cherish U team

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    We use only the finest natural ingredients.

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    No Synthetic Fragrances

    We use only pure essential oil & natural fragrances.

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    Cruelty Free

    Our products are not tested on animals.

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Ingredients You Can Trust

We choose the finest natural botanicals and oils with you in mind. ♥